Blatta (Roach)

Showrunner: Alberto PonticelliProduction: Grey Ladder with Eurofilm, Headwood and Equal DesignFormat: MiniseriesGenre: Sci-fi

The miniseries Blatta (Roach) is the official adaptation of the cult graphic novel “Blatta”, created by Italian artist Alberto Ponticelli.

In a dystopian future, mankind has been reduced to an handful of individuals to combat the threat of over-population. Virtually immortal thanks to advanced cloning technologies, the people of tomorrow spend their eternity encased in special exoskeletons and sheltered in claustrophobic, industrial complexes where they solitarily handle menial tasks via computer.

One day, a man is accidentally cast out of this unappealing heaven. Bound to roam the desolated streets of a crumbling metropolis, this individual, “Number Five”, will put his immortality at risk in a hostile world and will eventually re-discover the meaning of life.

The pilot for this series will be distributed by the web VOD platform Cubik Tv.