I’m Here

Directed by: Riccardo BiancoProduced by: Grey Ladder in association with EurofilmFormat: Web-miniseriesGenre: Horror / Romance / DramaCast: Stefano Accomo, Giulia Mazzarino

Halfway between a romantic drama and a new take on the “haunted house” genre, I’m Here is a three-episode miniseries dealing with the themes of death, mortality and the struggle to “move on”. Freely adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s short story Berenice, the story focuses on short fragments of a young couple’s love-life, Matt (Accomo) and Helen (Mazzarino). The story unveils as a sudden tragedy, but its final twist moves it towards the “ghost story” archetype.

All episodes are available for free online streaming on Facebook:
I’m Here EP 1: Affliction
I’m Here EP 2: Sorrow
I’m Here EP 3: Recovery