Into the Lab

Showrunner: Sergio StivalettiProduction: Grey Ladder with Opencinema and ApocalypsisFormat: Anthology MiniseriesGenre: Horror

From one of the greatest Italian special effects studios, Into the Lab is a cross-media project working within the horror imagery of cult series like Masters of Horror and Creepshow. Featuring both Italian and International outstanding genre authors and film-makers, whose various stories are accompanied by by special effects wizard and cult director Sergio Stivaletti. The man responsible for the bloodshed in countless classics and collaborator of International film-makers such as Dario Argento, Roberto Benigni and Gabriele Salvatores, developed the concept behind Into the Lab and is bound to guide viewers along this scary journey.

Into the Lab’s structure includes an anthology mini-series, an online contest for rising talents and horror enthusiasts, and a documentary series focused on the behind-the-scene magic of a special effect studio.

Into The Lab will be broadcast in 2016 by the web VOD platform Cubik Tv.