Written by: Alessandro RegaldoDirector: Riccardo BiancoProduction: Grey Ladder in association with Eurofilm and AllagallaFormat: WebseriesGenre: Action / sci-fi / cinecomics

Rojo is a superhero series with high-fantasy elements, based on the hugely popular Argentinian comic book “El Caballero Rojo” by Toni Torres and Mariano Navarro.

The two authors, Torres and Navarro, will supervise the project along with the publishing company Allagalla, the film-production studio Eurofilm, the Italian artists Manfredi “MANf” Toraldo and Taiyo Yamanouchi.

Rojo is a rather “human” superhero story combining noir, history and conspiracy theories. In present-day Buenos Aires, step-brothers Aaron and Rafael discover an unbelievable truth about their father Miguel’s past: a professional luchador who used to go under the name of “El Caballero Rojo”. Because of their ancestry, the two young men, who share a rocky relationship, are destined to inherit their father’s mantle as soldiers of a secret society known as The Order, but the choice is upon them: if they won’t, the world will be defenseless against an ancient, invisible enemy.

The pilot for this series will be distributed by the web VOD platform Cubik Tv.