Grey Ladder’s creative think tank gathers and coordinates emerging and pro talents that work within the broader area of media production. It consists of a true network, based on partnerships and collaborations with people and companies operating in the various areas of the production chain.

Grey Ladder’s team and network members all share an international profile and high-level expertise in every key aspect of media entertainment. According to necessity, It is possible to ask for Grey Ladder’s assistance and professional help as a company, or to refer to a single specific component of its team.

In-House Talents


  • Alessandro Regaldo

    Screenwriter and CEO

    Screenwriter by design, businessman by accident.

    Alessandro Regaldo is also acquisition manager for For info and pitch proposals, write to

  • Emiliano Ranzani

    Director and cinematographer

    Horror master, 80s lover.


  • Stefano Accomo

    Professional actor, acting coach and casting director

    Short actor, big talent.

  • Davide Mela

    Line producer and screenwriter

    Half indie author, half soulless robot.

  • Alessandro Pisani

    Founder of Ghost Chili Film. Videomaker, editor, post-production supervisor

    As if Jim Cameron grew up in the ghetto.

Guest Talents

  • Mattia Cavaliere

    Editor, 3D artist and production assistant, he specialized in post-production, 3D content creation and digital art. Mattia also collaborated with television crews like VideoGruppo Piemonte and worked on design and production of graphics and promotional content for several Torino-based production studios.

  • Max Prono

    Professional photographer graduated from the graphic and photographic arts Institute G. B. Bodoni. He mainly works in fashion and design and currently teaches photography for the training courses promoted by Provincia di Torino.

  • Riccardo Bianco

    Documentary filmmaker and CEO of Eurofilm Srl. He has worked on several documentaries of anthropological and ethnographic interest: his latest effort is Nicu, a documentary produced along with Grey Ladder.

  • Taiyo Yamanouchi

    Filmmaker, graphic artist and musician also known under the name of “Hyst”, he is a veteran stage, TV and cinema actor. Among his main works are the popular show "Tintoria" and hits such as "Ultimo" and "Questa notte è ancora nostra".

Opengrey Network

Opengrey Network

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